We have brothers and sisters in the stars. Just as the civilization that gave Our Faith its birth was born on the distant and different world of Hades, so other societies, other philosophies have risen on other worlds.
In the History Of Our People we know only three of these worlds well. But we are also vaguely a ware of eleven other civilizations that existed before these rose and fell. So it is not unreasonable to think that there are others watching us, wondering if we will succeed aas a species, or perish like so many before us.
If others watch us, why don't they make contact? Because in their wisdom they long ago, realizede that the contacting of developing races was a very dangerous game, and it was best to let them grow to their own maturity, before making contact.
We have a lot of growing to do before we are readay to be accepted by the galactic community. Until we are, they will be content merely to watch us.
Beware of those that say they are the representatives of an alien race, ready to rescue us if we falter, for there is no truth in their words. Such races do exist, but they will not interfere with usin any way. Only we can solve Earth's problems, only we can rise to a higher self. Perhaps when we do, The Watchers will speak, perhaps when we do, we will be welcome to The Brotherhood Of The Galaxy. Let us strive forward for that day.

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