In this magazine you will learn what Spiritists believe, and how they worship. But before we begin, the question should be answered "Why do we worship?"
We worship Spirit because Spirit is the most powerful force in the universe. We worship Spirit because Spirit is love, true and unquestioned love, that gives without any thought of repayment but is ever joyous when that love is returned from Their faithful and loving children.
Spirit is love that never forsakes. Even when Their children do wrong, the blessed Ones try to pull them back from evil. They will not help them do wrong, They may even punish them harshly for their actions. But that punishment does not come from anger or hate, but from love, from the desire to keep Their children from hurting themselves and others. And when Their children turn from evil, realize their errors and strive to return to The Light, The Blessed Ones are there to help them, to guide and protect them, to give them strength to face those they have wronged, and to ask their forgiveness, and to help repay the debts that are owed.
This is why The Blessed Ones are so precious to us. This is why we give to Them our bodies, our minds, and our eternal spirits freely, with joy and with love. For we try to return to Them, in our imperfect way, the love They so willingly pour out to us. This is why we sing Their praises, and build Their houses, and tell others of Them. Because we so much want to let others know how much we are loved, and how much They are loved. Forever may it be.

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