1. A Spiritist believes in Spirit.

2. A Spiritist believes that communication with Spirit is possible.

3. A Spiritist believes in Natural Law.

4. A Spiritist believes in personal responsibility.

5. A Spiritist believes that physical contact between male and female is appropriate and even beneficial, but that contact between persons of the same sex is abnormal.

6. Spiritists believe that both the body and the soul evolved through Natural Law, from the lower to the higher forms.

7. Spiritists believe that we live more than one lifetime. That before our soul reaches The Level Of Ultimacy it may live hundreds of times.

8. Spiritists believe that there has been, is, and will be intelligent life on other worlds besides this one.

9. Spiritists believe that much intelligent life from other worlds has visited Earth in the past, and are still visiting Earth today.

10. Spiritists believe that some human beings are the reincarnated souls of said visitors.

* * *

1. To a Spiritist the word Spirit means one of two things. 1. The departed souls of our Blessed Ancestors, or, 2. The place in The Spirit World where They live. This one word in holy usage refers to both, and is a word held in a very sacred state.

2. A Spiritist believes that there are living people that have the ability to see into the Spirit World and receive messages from our Blessed Loved Ones, and relay those messages to the living. Spiritists call such persons Sensitives. Spiritists also believe that our Departed Loved Ones desire to communicate with us, and that They also give us daily guidance and protection.

3. A Spiritists believes in Natural Law, and they do not give this Natural Law a name. natural Law simply states that for every action there is a result, good or bad.

4. A Spiritist believes that under Natural Law they are responsible for their actions. If they make a mistake it is their responsibility to correct it. Not saying that they could not obtain help from Spirit, who will certainly guide them in their efforts to correct past mistakes and even aide them in those efforts.

5. A Spiritist believes that sexual relations between a man and a woman is not only natural, but desirable for the body, the mind, and the soul. Sex is not merely for reproduction, but is a means that nature has provided for a man and a woman to balance each other. The soul energy of a male is positive, that of a female is negative. When they join together, they become one, cleansing each other of impurities and driving out bad vibrations. This is normal and natural. However, relations between two males or two females is unnatural. The cleansing and balancing effect does not take place, making those individual souls unstable and a danger to those around them.

6. Spiritists believe in Natural Selection, that life evolved in the sea and spread to the land, and that over the eons intelligent life evolved. They also believe that the soul develops in the same way, being born first as a tiny microscopic animal that can reproduce life energy and then growing lifetime after lifetime until it reaches intelligence.

7. Reincarnation, the cycle of birth, death,, dwelling in The Spirit Realm, and rebirth, is one of the basis of Spiritist belief. That the Ultimate Goal of this process is for The Soul to reach Ultimacy, a state of total harmony with the universe, in which a soul may dwell for some time, giving aide and guidance to younger souls. Then, that soul would break up into a billion tiny fragments which would re-enter the material world and begin the process anew. Endless life. The cycle of joy.

8. Spiritists belive that the process of evolution was not exclusive to this world...that other races have risen, reached great status, and died.

9. But before these great races perished completelhy, some of them visited Earth and established colonies here. And that those colonies were later destroyed in a terrible conflict that is spoken of in many religious writings.

10. Spiritists believe that the souls of these aliens still exist on Earth today, dwelling in human bodies, still engaged in the ancient conflict of good against evil, one side seeking to enslave humankind, the other seeking to free them.

* * *

We mention in our Ten Declarations what Spiritists believe. But what does Spirit teach? What do They give Their Children? The answer to this question in one word, is love. Love beyond the patience and understanding of the human mind. Love that gives without asking reward, but responds with the greatest joy when that Love is returned from a free and willing heart. Spirit Teaches that Justice must be for all, not just the privileged few, and that true happiness is serving others. This is The Treasure that The Lords give, worth far more than silver and gold. May The Peace and The Glory of The Lords Holy be with you and yours always.

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