If Spiritists do not believe in a Supreme being, what do they worship?
Spiritists worship The Blessed Ones, Our Divine Ancestors who have come before, who led lives of service to Their people, and devoted Themselves to The Work Of the Lords. Spiritists also worship The Lords Of light, special Spirits that stand for thousands of years on the edge of Ultimacy, but remain with Their people to protect them from the things of The Darkness, and help guide Their Children on The Path of Light. Both these groups are called The Lords, or, The Blessed Ones, and These are what Spiritists worship.
Are all these Blessed Ones and Lords Of Light from Earth?
No. Spiritist Teachings originated on a far and distant world called Hades, and many of The Lords Of Light are Hashons. Also, there are two other major races; The Havens and The Peepians. These races are the sources of most of man's di\eities. They have influenced human religion from the beginning of time, and now, with Their human allies, continue to fight the Forces of Darkness.

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