Among Spiritists this is a rather open question. Spirit does not forbid anything. For the sake of health there are some things they recommend we not eat, such as pigs and the uncooked blood of any animal. Aside from this, they recommend a low fat, high fiber diet. Vegatarianism is permitted, though not required. Their common sense approach has always been 'Moderation.' As the old expression goes, too much of a good thing can be as bad as nothing at all.
Use your common sense. There is so much written on this subject that we could go on forever, but we want to cover it quickly.
Our bodies are The Lords' Temples, not made of stone. We should respect them, and care for them wisely.


"Render unto Caeser that that is Caeser's. Render unto the Lord that that is the Lord's."
The Nazarene spoke these wise words years ago, and they are as true now as they were then. It is each citizen's responsibility to pay their fair share of the community's needs. But it is also their duty to see that these monies are used wisely, for they belong to the poeple. An unfair taxation should be opposed.


In The Spiritist Teachings male and female are equal. They balance each other; neither is superior but each ads to the relationship. Marriage is not an enslavement of one or the other, but a partnership intended to continue The Glory Of The Lords through the issue of their union.
All Spiritists strive to bring women in all lands to an equal and fair psoition with their male counterparts, to guarantee equal rights to employment and all other services. A true Spiritist will strive to make these ideals a reality in the place where they live.

-"With liberty and justice for all."

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