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We have mentioned before, Hades, that far and distant world where our Faith began, perhaps 200,000 years ago. But what was that world like? It was far different than the one we now know. It had no great oceans, only several great lakes, and a terrible desert circled its equator. Its winters were warm, and its summers hot. But life evolved there, a race that had the spark to understand. And a Teacher came to ignite that spark into a flame, a kind and geltle merchant, a simple man, that sought only to provide for the needs of his family. But when he was shown the needs of his greater family, he spoke out without fear, without anger, with the greatest of gentleness. He awoke in his people a dream...a seeking after The Truth in all things, a desire to worship that that deserves worship, and turn from those false gods, puffed up with pride. This wise old man led his people on many adventures, and established them in their own country, and laid for them the foundations that were to eventually sweep their world, and become the hope of the universe.
From this harsh world was born a beuty, a joy beyond price, a Shining Light that like a growing flower, spreads throughout the universe, kindling the Spark in each individual and helping it grow to its full brilliance.
Many faiths have borrowed much from the Children Of Hades. They have incorporated much of their Teachings and legends into their own gods, and have borrowed many of the ceremonies of These Ancient Peoples, and called them their own. But The Hashons would find no problem with this. They would not be bothered at all. For They well understand the need of others to express things in their own way, and to reach The Light by their own Path. We must never forget what They have given us. We must polissh it, shine it, and present it to the world, that every man and woman may share it as joyously as we do.

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