Should a Spiritist serve in the military forces of his or her country?
It is perfectly proper for one to defend their country. When freedom and justice are threatened, it is the duty of every individual to stand for what is right. But a Spiritist is also weighed by The Lords' Teachings, and not the politics of man. Even as they serve their country, they must keep The Lords' Ways in their mind, and should any order they are given contradict with Those Teachings, they must stand for what is right, even at the cost of their liberty or their life.
To follow material leaders blindly, without questioning their right or wrong, has cost more souls their eternal life than any other cause.
A worshipper of Spirit serves their country with pride and dignity, but if that country turns toward darkness and ignorance, then they have the right and duty to speak and say "No!" to those who would lead them to shame. This is one of the greatest aspects of The Old Faith, that often kept its people from doing things that could have brought them great shame. We must never let this tradition die.


Let us remember those who have worked long and hard. Let us put out our hand as their Journey ends, and give them joy.


The difference between male and female is not merely physical, it is also spiritual. Where the male is positive Spiritual energy, the female is negative. When they touch in the physical form they become truly as one. The energy of each flows through the other, balancing, cleansing, filtering out the energies that are opposite to the other. Though reproduction is a joyous part of the physical joining between male and female, it is NOT the most important. Physical love is only the outer expression of the deepper true love between a man and a woman, the joyous dancing of their souls, the joining together of the greater one.
This is why The Lords do not teach celibacy. From time to time men and women should have contact with each other. Physical love should be shared. If not, the spiritual being becomes unbalanced, dangeoursly unstable.
This is also why The Lords warn against homosexuality, because it damages the Spiritual Being of the individual and all those around them. Though the physical act seems satisfying, the souls of two males or two females repel each other. They cannot join in the cleansing dance that balances their eternal beings. They become more and more unstable, reaching out and damaging the Spiritual Being of all around them.

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