Precisely what is Infinite Law? The most basic statement of Infinite Law is "For every action there is a result, either pro or con."
There is nothing that we do that does not have a result. If we do evil, in time, we will suffer misfortune. If we love, eventually we will have to suffer the loss of that love.
Another way of expressing Infinite Law is to say "For everything there is a price." Many do not want to pay for what they have. As the old expression goes, they want their cake, and to eat it, too." And they have developed false doctrines that they believe allow them to do what they want without eventually having to pay the price. They believe that certain prayers and sacrifices allow them to commit unjust acts, but because their god protects them, they will never have to pay the price for these acts. But The Lords teach The Truth. They teach Inifinite Law, Personal responsibility, that each person must eventually atone personally, for every unjust act, for every hateful word. That there is no sacrifice, no Infinite Being that can be bribed, that can avoid that eventual Day Of Reckoning. That the only way TO avoid pain, is to not choose pain. The only way to HAVE justice, is to GIVE justice. The only way to avoid being hated is not to hate.
Many of the so-called gods were smart enough toteach these basic Truths themselves. But they took the responsibility for them, saying that THEY were the ones that accomplished the wonders that protected the people from their mistakes, when, in reality, it was the Truth they taught that protected their followers, not the sacrifices for the worship they demanded.
The Lords, in Their Infinite Wisdom, make no such claims. They tell Their children truthfully, what They can and can't do. They do not try to deceive them to gain undeserved worship and obediance. They give Their Love without thought of reward, again and again taking physical form, living and dying for the sake of those They love. How great is Their Love! How freely it is given!

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