How do Spiritists pray? Prayers should always begin similar to this;
"Oh, Holy Spirit, Divine Light of Love and truth, Blessed Fathers and Holy Mothers, hear my prayer."
Why do we pray in this manner? Why do we not directly invoke The Names Of The Lords? There are two basic reasons for this.
1. The Lords do not serve to be worshipped. To honor Them, by naming Temples after Then, and, societies, and by doing good works in their Names is permissable, but to single Them out in prayer might make it appear that Their actions on Their children's behalf, were merely an attempt to gain worship. No, to bring no possible shame on The Blessed Ones, we do not pray to Them directly.
2. When The Blessed Ones give a Lord Of Light Power, they also remove from Their Spiritual Form all pity and compassion. There is an ancient Hashon fable that perhaps explains this idea best;
A great battle is raging between The Children Of Light and The Children Of Darkness. On a hhilltop overlooking the battlefield stands a Lord Of Light, and a Demon. On either side of the battlefield a soldier beats helpless and bound prisoners. Laughing, the Demon turns to The Lord Of Light.
"Tell me, Shining One," it asks, "who are the better, those that follow me, or those that follow you?"
Without a word, The Lord Of Light descends to the battlefield and snaps the necks of both offending soldiers. He then flies back, seizes the Demon, and keeps it from feeding on either of the dying bodies.
"I see," said The Lord Of Light, "no Child Of The Brighteness, only two things of Darkness and evil, which I have sent to their just reward."
Sometimes we might thiink we are perfectly justified in our actions, and our prayers for the destruction of an enemy may be righteous and good, when in reality we may be the soldier beating the helpless prisoners.
The Blessed Ones are our mediators. they stand between us and The Lords Of Light. They monitor our prayers and knowing all truth, present them to The Lords Of Light in a manner that will be acceptable. They protect us from ourselves. When we might ask vengeance, They ask for protection and understanding. In dealing with such powerful Beings as Lords Of Light, when we in the material form, are so quick to misjudge, this protection is vital. The Blessed Ones, in Their Great Wisdom, have taught us how to properly pray.
How should we end our prayers? We should always end our prayers with the words "As you see best, Oh Lords, so must it be." In this way we do not bind The Lords to our own selfish desires, but release Them to do what is best for us. For They will act without greed, or lust, hate or anger, and aswer our prayers in the way that is best for us.


There is virtually no need that The Blessed Ones, ion Their Great Wisdon and Power, cannot provide. Unlike gods, who claim to be able to do anything, and often fail their believers, The Lords make no false promises. They give Their Children all that is in Their Power to give. They guide them and protect them. And when evil sometimes does overcome Them, The Precious Ones make sure that those who harmed Their children received the full punishment they are due. None escape Their Justice, no matter how powerful they think their protector. When The Hour of Their Judgment comes, nothing can keep them from paying the full measure for their crimes against The Children of The Blessed Ones.


In each Spiritist home there should be a home altar. This does not need to be an elaborate afffair. Actually, only two things are really necessary; pictures of Our Deceased Loved Ones, and a candle to be lit during prayer. Aside from these two essentials an alter can be decorated in a variety of styles, depending on the culture from which the believer comes. The symbols of favorite Lords Of Light, and flowers are some of the favored decorations. But wherever the alter is set up should be considered a sacred place, and treated with dignity and respect.
The time of worship is not important, other than it be a regular time. Some like to pray first thing in the morning, others at noon time, others in the evening, some all three times. Any of these practices are appropriate. The Lords do not care when Their loved ones take the time to speak with Them. The joy of their communication is all that matters to Them. They love to hear Their loved one's joys and needs. To help them through the troubles of their life is The Blessed Ones' joy. So the sweet times they share together is as precious to Them, as it is to those praying.
There should also be, in each community, a gathering place, a Temple for The Lords, where at least once a week Their children might gather, sing Their praises, and share their joys and pray together for the needs of the community, as a whole, and that in times of great need, individuals can go to and pray, calling upon all The Blessed Ones of the community, and not just Those watching over their own home.


To a Spiritist the giving of their word is a most sacred thing, and their word must always be kept, even if it means enduring hardship to fulfill the promise. Only when the promise is given under threat of force or acquired through trickery may they break their word with honor. For we are the honor of Our Blessed Ones, and if we break our word, Their Word is broken. The Lords' Honor, before mankind, must never be tarnished.

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