Speaker Polley's Art Gallery

Speaker Gerald Polley is an internationally known psychic heard on radio stations and seen on television around the world. He is featured with his wife in a Barney Snow film, "Where Has Eternity Gone?"  that has been shown in film festivals around the world. He teaches the principles of Spiritism and The Awakening through his publication Voices From Spirit. But he is also considered by some to be quite an artist.

So we have opened this gallery to display his work. Do come in and enjoy them. Some of the individuals you meet as you browse are from very, very far away! Do greet them cordially. They have come to enjoy what they call the vibes that are generated by Speaker Polley's work, as they believe much of it comes from beyond the material existence. As you browse try not to break the continuity with the harmony that all have come to enjoy.

If you would like to know where to find information on Speaker Polley's other projects ask the Receptionist by clicking on the e mail link below. She will be glad to let you know where to find the Speaker's other materials. Admission to this gallery is free, but if you would like to give a small donation to help keep it open the receptionist can also tell you where to send them.


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