The young wizard gets a message from the wayward wizards again, delivered by an owl flying backwards.  He finds that they have been cursed by a witch and all their magic is going awry.  Again he must straighten everything out. And in a final confrontation deal with the witch.


The two zany scientists with the transdimensional portal return again with their zany crime fighting friends from another dimension. You can imagine all havoc breaks loose as they try to find the material to defeat an evil demon that has invaded the Earth of their dimension. Excellent Abbott & Costello!



The SG-1 team open a stargate and find themselves on a world where the Goa'uld won't attack the natives and they try to find out why. They become involved with two zany entertainers that work the world's vaudeville circuit, and have a series of misadventures as they are chased by agents working for The Goa'uld . They finally find out that the natives have deveeloped a gene that infects The Goa'uld with humor, which they can't tolerate. Unfortunately the gene would also incapacitate other humans. Great Abbott & Costello! Some scenes are gut busters!


Bowing to public pressure Abbott & Costello bring back the popular character whose brain has been enhanced by a computer chip and his zany scientific creeator. Again they are looking for husbands and wives for their children, and run into the same difficulties they have before, because their daughters can't marry anybody that cannot defeat them in battle, which is extremely difficult, and their sons can only marry noble warriors. The computer enhanced genius solves these problems with his usual comic brilliance. Absolutely wonderful Abbott & Costello!



With the return of "Battlestar Galactica" it was only inevitable that Abbott & Costello would have to do a take off! In their zany version Starbuck is captured by The Cylons, and they intend to copy her. But she is spirited away by two Cylons that have defective programming, and like humans. After several misadventures Starbuck and a couple of thousand of these Cylons escape and return to the fleet, where they are not exactly welcomed, but in time are accepted. Zany Abbott & Costello!


Continuing their parodies of popular science fiction shows, Abbott & Costello did "Hi Ho Atlantis!" The Atlantis team returning from a mission observed The Wraith attacking a world with no success whatsoever. Every time they go in to attack they simply turn away and head off into space. Finally, after many attempts The Wraith move off. The Stargate people go in to investigate, and find the world is an idyllic paradise and the people have no idea what they're talking about. They finally meet two of the leaders who they get to go back to Atlantis. After many misadventures they realize their two visitors are far more than they appear to be. They possess an incredible mental ability that keeps people from attacking them. Unfortunately it only works to its full extent on their homeworld, and they are returned there. But the Atlantis people know there is a safe place that they can retreat to if necessary. Good Abbott & Costello! A little more serious than most, but good, none the less!



Abbott & Costello play two zany mediums that go from town to town fighting evil spirits. Nobody takes them too seriously except the people they are helping, and, the evil spirits. Lou's favorite tactic is capturing the evil spirit and sealing it in a glass bottle. Twice in the movie he is shown doing this zany task. And only Lou could do it so well!

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