Bud & Lou are the ski instructors at an exclusive mountain resort, which is hilarious, considering neither one of them can ski!
The instructors at a rival resort cause them no end of embarrassment and difficulty, which finally ends in an all-out downhill race, the actions of which cannot be described in the human language!
Suffice it to say Lou & Bud win, but not without the help of a grumpy bear and two irate raccoons!
The movie ends with Bud & Lou standing at the finish line to greet their rivals with a "Hey, fellas, what kept you?"


Returning to an older plot, Lou plays a bumbling scientist and Bud his sponsor. Lou is trying to find a new kind of 3D projection device. One of his instruments explodes, and when the smoke clears Lou finds he has brought four cartoon characters to life...a well known rabbit, duck, and the hunter and his dog who is always chasing them.
An hilarious series of adventures ensue, as Bud & Lou, with the cartoon characters, search for more of the rare material necessary to return the characters to their own world, with a considerable bit of interference from the police, the FBI, and the CIA.
It is a perfect blend of cartoon madness and human antics.



In this zany frontier flick Lou plays a Davy Crockett-type character who, though he is somewhat of a coward is the best shot in all of Tennessee. Bud is his guitar-playing off-key singing sidekick. They travel from village to village making their living by outshooting all comers.
Trouble begins when Lou mistakes the great War Chief Two Tommyhawks' headdress for a turkey, and shoots it off the Chief's head.
A zany Indian war ensues, with no less than three battles in which everyone is scared to death but no one manages to get seriously hurt.
Peace is finally made when Lou agrees to marry the Chief's ugly daughter. To his utter joy he finds the Indians prefer big, husky women, and the girl the Chief considers ugly is a ravishing beauty! As they walk down the aisle Lou looks back over his shoulder and whistles.


Bud & Lou play two bumbling Chicago policemen of the 1950s, who get into no end of trouble as they patrol their beat.
Lou falls in love with the female leader of a local gang and his zany efforts to reform her make the movie. He finally succeeds and the movie ends with an hilarious wedding attended by policemen and gangsters alike. Very good A & C.



The hilarious crackshot heads for New Orleans down the Mississippi, and along the way encounters the notorious Mike Fink, and in a rolicking river journey the travelers fight river pirates, Indians, and a gang of irate bar girls.
The movie's most hilarious scene is a fight in the middle of one village's muddy street. This is side splitting Abbott & Costello at its very best!

2. 8 BALLS

Lou & Bud play the owners of a run down pool hall, who are about to be evicted if they can't make their bank payments. In desperation Lou contacts an old buddy he hasn't seen in years- the famous pool hustler Chicago Fats, and talks him into having a hustler's championship in their pool hall.
Owing Lou a favor, Fats agrees, and some of the world's best pool players gather for the tournament, much to the dismay of the bank president who wants Bud & Lou's property to build a shopping center.
He does everything he can to sabotage the tournament, but in their usual hilarious style Bud & Lou save the day.



Lou plays a world champion ping pong player and Bud plays his coach. They go off to the world championships where Lou falls in love with his chief competition, a bright-eyed little Chinese girl. A back hand courtship ensues as the ping pong balls fly, to the dismay of both Bud and the Chinese girl's coach. But love cannot be denied. In the semi-finals both Bud and his opponent lose, and while the crowd is confused they make a break for freedom with their coaches close behind.
A whacky chase through Hong Kong ensues to finally end at the American Embassy, where the frustrated Chinese stomp and rave. In the movie's last scene the two lovers kiss as the stars and stripes flutter over their heads, and The Star-Spangled Banner fills the air.


Lou plays the bumbling son of the famous frontier marksman, who can't hit the broadside of a barn.
His companion, played by Bud, Hawkeye Magee, is the real marksman in the duo, and often covers for his companion's inability. They have many hilarious adventures before finally winning a big farm in a bet and settling down.



In this first take off of the popular science fiction series about a star ship and its crew, the starship finds the disaster recorder of the colony ship The Andrea Doria, that disappeared one-hundred years ago, on its five year mission. Following its instructions the starship finds the world now inhabited by the descendants of its survivors. The original survivors were children raised by the ship's mechanical nannies. All the ship's records and learning tapes were destroyed. The only thing the Andrea Dorians had left on which to base their society was one of the crewman's collection of Abbott & Costello movies.
The starship's crew establish contact and meet the planet's leader called Abbott, and his chief Council called Costello. A series of hilarious adventures ensue, as the world is threatened first by two of the starship's worst enemies, who soon regret ever having anything to do with The Andrea Dorians!
The famous starship leaves, giving The Andrea Dorians educational tapes to help their historical records and to update their medical procedures, little realizing what they have done.


Bud & Lou buy a piece of land out in the country, and while exploring it fall into a strange cave and come out in a cartoon-like universe where they encounter a famous pig and all his pals, who are being invaded by ferocious winged lizards who are apprently responsible for opening the gateways through which all manner of beings are falling!
Bud & Lou help the stuttering porker and his pals overcome their strange invaders, destroy their dimensional access machine, and return to their own world in the nick of time. They must make a mad dash to safety as the cave and their entire property sinks. At the end of the movie the boys are making a fortune showing tourists the world's biggest sinkhole.

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