Chapter 13

The General knew the area precisely.  He took a couple of shortcuts, literally running up over one parked car, and landing on the ground on the other side of a barrier. As he emerged from an alley Lee was a short distance ahead of him at the intersection.  The General wanted to cry out a warning but he was struggling for breath. Instead he charged on.  Somehow his fingers slipped into the back of the younger officer's collar, and with tremendous effort the General hauled him off his feet, taking several steps backwards before they both went to the ground.  There was a crashing sound and several loud dings.  When the General regained his feet there was a pile of large pipe sections on the sidewalk.  Lee was sprawled inches from them.  He gained his feet then helped the panting General up.  "My God, sir!''  the young officer managed, "If you hadn't moved me, sir..."
"Explain later!"  the General managed.  "Carry on your duties.  I'll be back."
He headed across the street.  The car arrived almost as soon as he did.  He piled in and screamed "The officer's lounge off the base!  Go!  Don't worry about the speed laws, don't worry about anything!  GET THERE!"
The driver didn't hesitate.  The only place he stopped was the gate where the General ordered two armed MPs into the car.
"We're not supposed to leave our post!"  one of them objected.
"Get in!"  the General screamed, "Now!"
The driver again proceeded to break all rules.  They got to the officer's lounge.  The General bailed out and everybody followed him.  
He got to the patio. His daughter greeted him warmly but the General quickly snapped to her fiancee "Get my daughter inside!  Everybody INSIDE!  Move!  Quickly!"  
With movements of his hands he had positioned the MPs.  Security guards approached wondering what was going on.  Suddenly six men in white robes burst from the nearby woods carrying automatic weapons and shot guns.  One of them was screaming "Kill the n***** lovers!  Kill the traitors!  Protect the purity of the race!"
His associates started firing and that was a mistake!  The MPs the General and the security guards returned fire. Instantly three of the men went down.  There was another volley and only one of them remained standing.  The General took aim and fired again, and that one went down.  When the screaming died down the General looked around.  His future son in law appeared holding his trembling daughter in his arms.  The young man looked around and muttered "I can't believe they hate us THIS much!  I can't believe it!  They meant to kill us!"
"They most certainly did!"  the General answered, "They most certainly did!"
He went over and kissed his daughter on the cheek.  "Got to go!"  he explained, "Other problems.  Everything will be o.k. now."
One of the security guards came up.  "I don't believe it!"  he snapped.  "Three of these idiots are still alive!  They're still breathing!"
"Summon the authorities!"  the General snapped.  "I not only want the perpetrators I want those that sent them!"
"Yes sir!"  the security guard snapped, "Yes sir!"
The General went back outside, sat in the back of the car, and began to breathe heavily.  The Ambassador joined him.  The driver turned back. "Are you all right, sir?" he asked. "Should I take you to the hospital?"
"No," the General answered, "no time."
He took out his cell phone and began to dial.  It took some effort to reach Chattanooga but he was finally talking to an officer there.
"That's all the information I've got," the General finally concluded.  "You have to act on it major!  I don't know if the man's a lunatic, a terrorist, or what, but he's going to try to land on your base.  And he will cause a disaster if you do not act.  Good!  Very good!"
The General hung up the phone and then began to dial again.

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