Video & Audio Messages From
Jesus Of Nazareth, Called The Christ

Channeled Through Internationally Known Psychic
Speaker Gerald A. Polley
Who, with his wife Speaker Linda J. Polley Are God's True Messengers.

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Jesus Praises Madonna
4.42 MB

A Letter On Women's Rights

Jesus Answers Why He Empowers The Polleys
2.09 MB

Jesus Welcomes Female Bishop
1.73 MB

Demons Devouring Innocents For Homos
0.98 MB

Jesus To Episcopalians And Presbytarians
On Homosexuality
1.01 MB

Jesus Speaks Directly To Pope Benedict
1.41 MB

Linda McCartney Condemns British Press
2.37 MB

Announcing Book
Northern Star: The Story Of A Young Angel
2.00 MB

Da Vinci Code Real
1.03 MB

New England Rains God's Wrath
2.05 MB

Warren Jeffs Followers Doomed
1.16 MB

Jesus Creates House Tour
3.97 MB

Why Not Go To Washington D.C?
1.77 MB

Other Places We Have To Go
1.59 MB

First Trip To California
3.00 MB

Jimmy's Phenomenal Power
1.92 MB

Jesus' Throne In Bismarck, North Dakota
2.75 MB

Jesus Speaks To The Women Of South Dakota
10.08 MB

Why Fetus Responds
1.58 MB

How Do I Know?
1.96 MB

Another Reason
2.01 MB

Why Is South Dakota
Anti Abortion Law So Bad?
1.50 MB

Jesus To South Dakota
7.01 MB

Jesus' Salute To Jimmy Kimmel
2.17 MB

Stop Ted And Hillary! Go Lou!
2.25 MB

Rallys Against Illegal Immegration
2.16 MB

Jesus Calls To The Women Of Cincinnati
6.79 MB

Mary Magdalene Calls To The Men Of Cincinnati
5.63 MB


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