Channeled through internationally known psychic Speaker Gerald A. Polley.

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1. Muhammed Attacked!
5.80 MB

2. Muhammed's Spiritual Victory Lebanon
3.51 MB

3. Muhammed No Longer On You Tube
2.38 MB

4. Muhammed Offers Shiite A Reward
5.58 MB

5. Muhammed Offers A Reward For Bin Laden
3.96 MB

6. Muhammed Explains Reward For Bin Laden
5.14 MB

7. Muhammed On Sexual Preference
3.28 MB

8. Muhammed On Lebanese Martyrs
2.55 MB

9. Muhammed Tells Why Speaker Gerald Polley
Is Called The Father Of Fathers

3.63 MB

10. Muhammed Calls Lebanon Shiites
4.32 MB

11. Muhammed On Lebanon
6.11 MB

12. Muhammed On Proper Dress In The Mosque
4.20 MB

13. Muhammed On Proper Islamic Dress
5.34 MB

14. Muhammed To ABC
6.25 MB

15. Muhammed Answers Emile
2.57 MB

16. Muhammed Asks For Passes
5.70 MB

17. The Polleys To Iraq
4.63 MB

18. Islamic Troops To Lebanon
5.86 MB

19. Muhammed Asks Sunni To Help
7.13 MB

20. Muhammed Says "Give My People Justice!"
4.71 MB

21. Muhammed's Latest And The Morning After Pill
4.75 MB

22. Speaker Polley On Justice And Rewards
3.26 MB

23. Iraq Being Invaded By Syria And Iran
4.41 MB

24. Tarot Card Reading For President Bush On Iraq
3.80 MB

25. Muhammed Condemns Mubarak
4.90 MB

26. Muhammed Condemns Iraq
7.15 MB

27. Hussein Attacks Muhammed!
4.39 MB

28. Muhammed's Plea To The National Enquirer
5.30 MB

29. Muhammed's Offer To The Maudi Army
3.06 MB

30. Muhammed's Plea
17.9 MB


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