We're Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley. We have been part of an ongoing miracle which is concerned with Jimmy Kimmel and his marvelous t.v. show.  To make you fully understand what is happening we must give you a little background.  In 1998 Jesus was betrayed in His spiritual Kingdom.  His followers turned against Him and supported Clinton's followers against Jesus' wishes and prevented Clinton's impeachment.  A million souls were cast out of Heaven, and eventually suffered the second death. Jesus, believing that mankind would no longer obey Him, abandoned mankind and left earth.  His mother Mary preceded Him because she could not stay and watch her children die. One voice in The Kingdom Of God began to rally the people, one person began to speak out...the former rock star, John Lennon.  He began to write new music to rally the people.  We tried to get his music out to the public with very little success.  Despite everybody's efforts Heaven and earth began to die.  Then the miracle began! 

On February, 2,004, we received a phone call from one of the producers of the ABC TV late night talk show "Jimmy, Kimmel, Live!"   We were told someone had seen the documentary film about our work with John Lennon during the 2,000 U.S. Presidential Election, "Where Has Eternity Gone?" directed by Barney Snow from London, England. They had  recommended them to be on Jimmy's show.  We agreed, went on the show, and sang a new song from John Lennon called "Whacko The Clown."  Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene accompanied us, opening a new power source in California.  Incredibly power began to flow into The Kingdom Of God like had never been seen before!  Within a couple of months The Kingdom Of God was completely restored and the earth was healed.  The power was then used for other things, and The Kingdom Of God's strength in the material world has continued to grow.  This site has been created to record the details of these incredible happenings, to tell as much as we can about Jimmy Kimmel's part in saving mankind.  We hope others will read it, enjoy it, and tell the entire world what has been happening. 

We have had a falling out with ABC because we were posting on Jimmy Kimmel's forum and were viciously attacked by a group of lunatics that have taken over the board.  Though we complained to ABC who controls the forums, they allowed the abuse to continue, and banned us from posting on the forum.  The Lord Of Heaven has removed all the blessings He put on ABC but He has not removed any of those He has put on Jimmy Kimmel and his staff because He does not blame them for these circumstances. 

These are the strangest times!  The power flowing from Jimmy Kimmel and his fans into The Kingdom Of God has not lessened one bit because of all these difficulties.  If anything, it has increased!  Before going on the show we were getting 35 to 40 visits a month to our web site.  Since being on we are getting nearly 3,000 and what we are doing is spreading around the world.  The miracle of John Lennon is becoming known, and praised by many, only because Jimmy Kimmel let the world know about it first.

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