Below is a new song written by John Lennon in Heaven for Michael Jackson, which he channeled through internationally known psychic Linda J. Polley on February 25, 2,004.
This song was brought about because John Lennon asked Jesus to look in The Book Of Life and to see if there were any complaints against Michael.  Jesus found there were no complaints, whatsoever concerning the charges that have been made against him.  There are a couple of small complaints about business dealings that will have to be straightened out, but nothing of any significance.  Those in The Kingdom Of God find it very, very strange that someone the police is accusing of such evil has no complaints, whatsoever, against him in The Book Of Life on those matters.  They find it very, very curious, and they are looking at the prosecutors and the supposed victims very, very closely, as They suspect something very strange is happening here. There's a link to an audio demo of the song below the lyrics. Hope you like it!

By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1.  We love you, Michael!
God knows you'd never hurt a child.
He knows you love to make them happy,
How you love to make them smile!

2. God loves you, Michael!
There's really nothing you have done
That would ever hurt anyone,
You love to see the kids have fun!

3. We love you, Michael!
Don't have a worry for your soul.
Your Heavenly record's good as gold,
Your true story will unfold.

4.  Be happy, Michael!
Know that God is on your side!
You have nothing there to hide,
People love you far and wide!

5.  Don't worry, Michael!
God knows all you say and do!
The Heavenly Hosts are watching you,
They will help you to get through.

6.  God bless you, Michael!
Know that Heaven's on your side!
The Angels know you have
nothing there to hide!

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