Unexpected Blessings!

Had one of those great happenings the other day that come from out of nowhere, but give you such absolute delight.  Linda had gone to the mail and came back all excited with two envelopes, saying "What are these?  What are these?  I opened them and they were two checks from "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!"  for $600!  We were just worrying because I'd had to pay almost $800 to have a tooth capped unexpectedly, and we weren't sure we were going to have enough to get through the winter with the increasing fuel bills.  And all of a sudden here's what we need to pay off the bill, and enough to see us in good stead, through the winter!  The Lords provide!  They find those with infinite kindness, and send them our way.  We could sure use a few more of them!  The money was for the rerun of a show we had been on.  We had no idea we'd get paid for it!  Unexpected blessings!  

Little Brother

Got another little surprise, too!  My sister called me for my birthday.  My niece was down visiting her and they were talking about us being on "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!"  My niece mentioned that it was time for it, and they turned it on, and it was the second part of the special with us in it.  My sister said "I can't believe that's my little brother on national television and that everybody likes him!"  Sometimes it's just little things that make you feel good when you're weary, it's just the little things that make you feel VERY good!

November  22, 2,004
Incredible Adventure

Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley have had a harrowing adventure!  Their dear friend Jimmy Kimmel was being attacked for a comment he made on The AMA Awards, saying The Beatles video was boring.  He immediately admitted he was joking, but so called Beatles fans across the country have been attacking him.  The Polleys, who have been channeling John Lennon's music for years rushed to Hollywood last Thursday to tell the world that John backs Jimmy 100%, and that most of the people complaining aren't even Beatles fans, just people that like to irritate others. They also sang a new song from John praising Jimmy Kimmel.   It was an incredible trip, but The Polleys managed to get there, perform their mission and return safely.  
Jesus Of Nazareth, who they also channel, was so pleased with the result of their trip and the kindness that they were shown by everybody, that He has offered ABC an exclusive on His releases on any information He will be sending to the material world in the future, that it will be given to ABC before it will be given to anybody else.  So far ABC has not responded to this generous offer.  Muhammed also praised Kimmel and his staff for the great increase in power that he received from the visit to help his efforts in Iraq.  
Any who wish to spread the word of these incredible happenings are more than free to do so.  These are incredible times, and they grow more incredible each day!   The Polleys have also been given a new picture of themselves for their web site by Kimmel's staff photographer.  They believe it came out very well, and hope everybody else enjoys it as much as they do.  It may be seen at;


This was The Polleys' third visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! and they hope there will be many more!  And they strongly recommend to anyone who is asked to visit them to go.  You cannot find better people anywhere. They wish the whole world was like Jimmy and his staff!  Best wishes to all!

Click Here to read the lyrics and hear an audio demo of the song they sang on this episode!

The special was shown on December 29, 2,004 and it brought a tremendous surge of power into The Kingdom Of God, especially when Rich Brown mentioned that Jesus had asked him to have us on as regulars and not for the Future Talent Showcase. Rich said "When Jesus asks you to do something you'd better do it!"  At that moment the power just surged, began coming in like it had never come in before.  Jesus sent His special greetings to Rich expressing His gratitude.  

November 17, 2,004 was the last time we were on the show, however, because after this Gerald's health continued to deteriorate, seemed to be getting worse and worse.  The move to Bismarck seemed to help.  But shortly afterwards the chest pains became unbearable.   We took him to the hospital emergency room, they put him on nitro glycerin and put him in a room.  The next day they did tests to see if they could put in stents but they took one look and said "Forget that!"  He ended up having a triple bypass.  Recovery has not gone as well as we would like.  Gerald has been out of work for two months and probably won't even be able to begin looking for work for another month at least.  At the present moment we have only a few hundred dollars left in the bank but we are holding on. 

December 15, 2,005 On November 18, 2,005 Jesus held a special sabbath tribute for Jimmy Kimmel in The Kingdom Of God to thank him for all he has done for the world, and The Afterlife. Speaker Linda Polley has drawn a picture commorating this event. You can check it out by clicking on the link below! Hope everyone will enjoy it and feel free to send us any comments or questions you have.


April 20, 2,006
To The Rescue Again!

Things have not been going well for some time. First Gerald had a heart attack, and had to have a triple bypass. There were all kinds of medical problems with him for months. Those were just beginning to get under control when it was learned Linda has a fibroid tumor and will have to have surgery. It became difficult for Linda to keep up the Work and we had to shut down most of our web sites. People rallied and got us enough funds to get some of the Work back up. But energy levels were low and We were concerned about Linda's operation. Jesus has been posting video messages on You Tube, (This video has been moved to our web site! Click Here! to watch it! It is a 2.17 MB .wmv file best viewed on Windows Media Player.) and He mentioned how much He appreciated Jimmy Kimmel, and if it had not been for him He would have lost His Kingdom. Jimmy mentioned the video in his monologue and boom! The energy levels went right back up! Jimmy and his people always seem to do stuff that helps right at the moment it is most needed! We wish so much we could repeat this miracle elsewhere! But We cannot express Our gratitude enough that We have this incredible source of power. If Jesus was praising Jimmy before, He is doubly praising him now!

Kingdom Of God is still deeply upset, however, that a bunch of lunatics have taken over Jimmy's forum on ABC, and that decent people still can't post there without being attacked. The Lord Of Heaven cannot understand why this is allowed, why these people are allowed to misuse the forum, and He wishes very much that it would stop. God wants ABC to respect His hero and cannot understand why they do not.

* * *

This is our praise of Jimmy Kimmel, his staff, and his fans.  It is not only from us but from The Kingdom Of God.  If you want to send a short message of praise yourself we will be making a special page and posting them.  Anything put up on Jimmy's forum on ABC is ridiculed and insulted, and filled with trash. Here your comments about Jimmy and his show will stay up for a long time, or as long as we can afford to keep our services going anyway.  Some day somebody will write our story for Our Peoples' History and we're sure all of this will be included.   Send submissions to;


Click Here to watch and listen to special messages praising Jimmy Kimmel
From The Afterlife, including a special message from God The Father, September 9, 2,007!

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