Chapter One

Now, in The  2,649th Season From The Beginning, The Lord God of Haven grew tired of the Hashon slaves that tended his palace. "When these Hashons first came here," he remarked, "they had character, but now, after many seasons of captivity they have become dull and boring.
I want fresh slaves, new blood that has not been born on Haven.
2 Send word to my Governors on Hades. I want them to select five-hundred new servants for me, two-hundred-and-fifty males, and two-hundred-and-fifty females. I want them all to be unspoiled, the finest of their race. Have them shipped here immediately!"
3 So it was, the Governors selected men and women from each of their provinces, sending them to the capitol. There The High Governor viewed the candidates and chose the very best ones to be loaded on a passenger pod, taken up to a waiting warship, and transported to Haven.
4 Many mothers wept because their child was taken away. One of those to go was Bright Blossom Sword, a descendant of Bold Sword, The Prince of Fr, of The Hawk and The Dove. The blood of many great lines flowed in her veins.
5 Her beauty and charm was so great that when The Lord God's wife saw her, she made her her personal servant, so she was seen by The Lord God often. He, too, was taken by her beauty, gracious manner, and her skill at games. For unlike others she would not let The Lord God win, merely to please him, but did her best in every contest.
6 "Be careful, Golden One," The Lord God's Aides warned her. "Someday he may take offense at your skill and punish you."
7 ''If he punishes me for doing my best," Golden One

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