Chapter Four

Life for the boys changed drastically after their ninth Visiting Day. Their childhood was over. School, which before had been relaxed and easy, now became deadly serious. They knew that after this next Visitation Day would come their first level Tests, and their first year in
The Games, which were very important to them. The higher you scored in The Tests, and the higher your rank in The Games would determine your status in society. Failing in either below certain marks, would mean the loss of positions. The winning of high scores in both, would mean the choice of any career you wanted in your twentieth year, so winning was extremely important.
2 North was pleased to have his friend Morn assigned to the same class he was in. At least there would be friendliness from ONE student. The boys' class day was split into four parts....two study sessions, early morning and early afternoon. The first physical training period
was devoted to developing flying, running and climbing abilities and the second, to combat techniques.
3 North did well in his physical training, but with Test after primary Test he saw his grades falling in two subjects. Though he spoke well, he had great difficulty in mastering written language and math. His father and mother, realizing his difficulty, tried to help, but his mother could barely read, and knew nothing of math. His father was kept terribly busy with his command duties. They could do little. But one day North received help from an unexpected source.
4 After mid-year Tests the other boys were, as usual, at the readout screen in the school corridor, awaiting the results. Slowly, in alphabetical order, each boy's grades were posted. North read his friend Morn's with envy. He scored high in everything. He had the highest scores in his class, even in the whole school.
5 The other boys always grumbled when they saw his scores. "Half-blood!" some of them would whisper, "He doesn't

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