Chapter Five

Though North had trouble in mental pursuits, he lacked nothing in the physical. He was one of the best runners and fliers in the school, and a skilled climber. Only two other boys came anywhere near him, in these pursuits .... Morn, and The One Like The Lord God.
2 Another thing that North excelled in was combat with the sword and shield. From the first moment the Instructors put the units into his hand, he showed exceptional skill. Only Morn could compete with him at all. He defeated any other opponent so quickly, that after a while
he was matched only with Morn and The One Like The Lord God, because they could give him some practice. Sometimes, even the Instructors took him on; and even THEY were hard pressed!
3 Even before The Games, stories of North's skill were spreading through the city. Finally, before the boys knew it, it was Visitation Day again, and North proudly escorted his mother through The Tombs, while Morn took one of his sisters. This time, no bar was removed from their emblem; THAT would come only after The Tests and The Games.
4 The following day as The Tests were given, everyone was pleased. Nobody failed. Morn, as usual, got the highest grades, next came The One Like The Lord God, and then North. "Third in the whole school!" Morn told his friend. "Not bad!"
5 ''I'd be last in the school," praised North, "if it hadn't been for you!"
6 The following day The Games began. In every school throughout the city the races were run, both on the ground and in the air. The contests were held with sword and shield until the next day. Great crowds gathered at The City Stadium, and the contestants faced each-other again until the three best in the city were selected.
7 Day followed day until the best in the state and

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