Chapter Six

Now the boys' eleventh year began like any other. The hard work of their studies and physical training continued as usual. But even in these hectic times young boys found time to play.
2 Their favorite sport was basketball, a game played by two teams of six contestants each. It was played over a large field, which had a basket at each end mounted on high poles topped by flags.
3 The object of the game was to drop or throw your ball into your opponent's basket while they tried to keep you from doing so. Each team was split into two groups, three attempting to score, three defending.
4 North and Morn almost always played together leading either the defense or attack squad. So it was one bright, summer day North, Morn, and their companions met the opposing team at the chosen ball fields. When they arrived they drew lots to see who would play what position. Morn drew attack, North, defense, while the opposing team got the first ball.
5 The game went well for some time. Both teams were good players, and there was very little scoring. Time had almost run out and the score was six to six. North was in the high position guarding his basket, when the opposing team attacked. The ball carrier threw the ball to his outside man and North dove for position.
6 Suddenly, a familiar voice cried ''North! Turn away!"  His training to respond instantly to commands saved his life. He spun in the air and almost at the same moment something struck his right wing and shoulder a glancing blow!  Pain shot through him, as he struggled to maintain flight.
7 Turning his head, he saw another boy plummeting towards the ground, completely out of control. The others were diving to catch him. Still trying to right himself, he suddenly felt something grab the left shoulder of his tunic, and then, the right, and pull him upward. The ground seemed to be shooting towards him.

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