Chapter Nine

He awoke with his uncle shaking his shoulder. "Wake up, North," he said, "there's a call for you; someone named Morn."
2 North went quickly to the phone. "Here, Morn," he announced. "Sorry to delay you."
3 Morn had stayed at The Temple only a short time, then flown home himself, gone to sleep with orders he be awakened early. "That's all right," he now told his friend. "I'm in no hurry to tell you what I have to, anyway. They have decided that you have not taken part in your father's treason, and that they will only fine you ten per cent of your property.
4 You will be allowed to remain in your present school but you will have to give up your apartment and move to one of lower rank with your mother. But ...there is a condition to all of this!"
5 "I didn't believe there wouldn't be," North remarked. "What is it?"
6 "You must publicly rebuke your father for what he did," Morn explained, "and swear your absolute loyalty to The Godhead."
7 "And if I don't?" his friend questioned.
8 "You will be reduced to the rank of a commoner, put in a public school, plus all your property will be seized."
9 "I see," continued North. "I will have to make this renouncement in The Temple of The Dead , no doubt. "
10 "Yes," answered Morn. "They want to know if you will be there."
11 "I will," North agreed. "What time?"
12 "Four o' clock," was the answer. "That's when the ceremony will take place."
13 "Tell them I will do as they command," North answered.
14 "See you then," Morn replied, and broke the connection.
15 North's uncle who had been listening with interest, sighed. "I won't be able to go," he said. "It will be nobles, only."

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