Chapter Ten

After Morn had left North that day at The Temple of The Dead, he had returned home. Sitting at his desk he tried to keep interested in his lessons but his mind kept drifting to other places. His mother, knowing his moods, came up and put her hand on his shoulder. "What is it, my quiet one?" she asked. "What weighs so heavy on my child whose spirit should soar? Tell me what troubles you?"
2 "That day in school," explained Morn, "when I saw North preparing to leave with that horrid uncle of mine, I could have stopped it. All I had to do was call out, say 'No, North, don't go with him. He's no friend! ' But I couldn't do it. So I caused my friend's misery and his father's death."
3 Morn's mother knelt beside him. "My beautiful child," she comforted, "my poor babe. So much you know, yet so little you understand. You cannot change a person's destiny. You can't alter what must be. That is why you were stopped. A Force greater than yourself reached into you and kept you from interfering.
4 You do not understand now, you grieve because of your friend's pain. There was nothing you could have done. If it had not been that day, it would have been another day.  Your uncle was to die, and General Star was to kill him. It had been a long time in coming, but each knew he would complete the other's destiny. You cannot change that."
5 "Then, what good is what you taught me, mother?" Morn asked. "What good are all these skills you have taught me to use? If they cannot even protect my friends, what are they for?"
6 "That, my son," explained Golden One, "you will have to learn for yourself. We must each find our own destiny, seek that place, that time that fortune has given us. No matter what had happened, you would be here. For it is your destiny. No one can stop that. Even if someone was able to go back in the past and kill me so I could not come here and be your mother, it would do them no good. For someone else like me would have come, and you would have still been born.

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