Chapter Eleven

North did so well his fourth year in The Games, that some people claimed Morn had deliberately let him win to give him back some position, but North knew better. Morn was incapable of such an act. Neither the traditions of Haven or Hades would permit him to do anything but his best. With Morn's help North's grades skyrocketed. Only Morn, himself, could keep ahead of him. The boys were becoming legendary, even in their youth.
2 Morn was known as a friend of the people, and anyone with a problem came to him. Among the good people of Haven he was making friends. Among those who lived only for their own greed, he was making enemies.
3 Since the night of wild flight from The Temple, North had been avoiding Gray Mountain, but finally the other boy came directly to his door. North's mother called him. "There's a very pleasant young man to see you," she announced, "named Gray Mountain."
4 North went to the door and greeted his friend. "Come in," he invited. "Excuse us, mother," he added, "we have some private business to discuss; boy stuff!" He smiled and his mother smiled back.
5 As the two young men entered North's room and shut the door, North took out his pocket computer and activated its privacy circuit. Going to Gray Mountain he held out his hand and the other boy handed over his pocket com.
6 North went to the other end of the room and activated the privacy shield on his friend's computer. Now the two computers emitted an invisible field of energy in which no listening device, no matter how sophisticated, could operate.
7 The computers, themselves, with their tiny cameras and microphones could record what was going on, but no one besides their owners could retrieve the information without their memory banks automatically erasing.
8 No sooner were the fields in place, then Gray Mountain spoke. "North, what's the matter? I've been trying

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