Chapter Thirteen

The time finally came for the Final Tests, and for long, grueling hours the two young friends drew on the knowledge that had been pounded into their minds for ten long years; but finally it was over and they stood in the hallway awaiting their results.
2 Slowly in alphabetical order, everyone's scores appeared. But before Morn's came on the screen, there was a hesitation, then, finally, his name printed out and after it, the figures 99.99! An excited cry rose from all those in the hall. "That HAS to be a record!" somebody said. "It HAS to be! " It was the highest score ever recorded in their peoples' history!
3 Again, the programmer hesitated, as if knowing the importance of what he had just entered, and what he was about to enter. For the next name to come up on the screen was Northern Star, and after it, the figures 99.89! The whole class went wild. Two ninety-nines in one school was almost too much to believe. Morn looked at his friend. "It looks like we're Academy Bound! " he said. "We've got to be within the top ten of our group!" North just gazed at the screen, stunned, not even sure he could believe what he had accomplished.
4 They were in the top ten alright, fate had seen to it that they were the top two. As usual The Games were no problem. It was between North and Morn for first place, and North slacked off a little, letting his friend have the final year. Being second to Morn was getting to be part of his life.
5 Their applications to Academy were a formality. Two days after North sent his, a registered tape arrived. It simply said, "This is notification that Northern Star is hereby appointed to Fleet Academy and will report there twenty days before the beginning of the next session. It is also noted that Northern Star shall be Second Cadet Commander."
6 Grabbing his mother, North spun around and around,

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