Chapter Fifteen

So it was, they had a funeral service, and three days later, a wedding. To North's surprise, The Lord God had offered them the use of The Palace Temple. That made North's wedding a public affair. It was a proud Morn that marched down The Grand Aisle with North to the music of The Groom's March. Then, as they stood before The Great Altar, Valley Blossom came, a vision in her flowing white gown. The priest had put up a fuss about that. "No Hashon girl," he argued, "of her age, could be pure. She should be married in blue, not white!"
2 But North had insisted. "In my heart she is pure, and in hers, also. What she was forced to do against her will, does not stain her purity."
3 Reluctantly, the priest agreed, and now as they stood before him, he began to speak. "In The Name of The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Ghost, we come here to join this man and this woman in holy marriage. If there is any man who knows of any reason why this marriage should not take place, let him speak now, or forever be silent!"
4 No one spoke, and the priest continued. "In the name of The Great God who is The Father of us all, the maker of All things, who speaks for this man?"
5 Morn stepped forward. "For Northern Star I speak," he announced, "in the name of the great God of our people. And I do say, that he is an honorable man, in good favor with his God, and worthy to take a woman and care for her, to be the just and true guardian of her body and her estate. This, by the maker of all things, I swear that he is worthy."
6 "Then he has been presented," continued Ěthe priest. "And who presents this woman?"
7 The Old Hashon came forward. "In the name of The Lord God," he announced, "the Father of us all, and the maker of all things, I present this woman. I bear witness to her honor, and her faithfulness to her God. I do pledge that she shall give this man all of her honor, her property, and obey him in all things."

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