Chapter Twenty-Three

As his ship sat for repairs and the extra medical people they had on board worked to get the Miners and those of Morn's crew who had been affected back in reasonable shape, word began to buzz around the system about North's battles with the automatics. Morn tended to downgrade his own adventure, but praised his friend's efforts among his crew. They wanted to know everything about North he could tell them, and Morn was more than glad to relate their childhood adventures. Of course there were certain details he neglected!
2 Then, when news came about North returning with pictures of a ghost ship, Morn was even more amazed. "Damn!" complained one of his crewmen, "How does he rate? He made so much excitement on his first two missions nobody's hardly talking about what WE did, and it was important!"
3 "It's just as well," said Morn, "I think Headquarters would prefer to let the news of our visitor slowly fade."
4 A few days later Morn was in his cabin relaxing when the communicator buzzed. "Yes?" Morn replied.
5 "You've got a personal call, sir," announced Communications, "from Commander Northern Star, of The Lord's Vengeance."
6 "Put it through," Morn answered. As North's face appeared on the screen, Morn felt a wave of joy come over him. Everyone on the vessel was nice to him, and the people in the colony were more friendly than many on Haven had been. But Morn missed his best friend, and now he realized how much.
7 "Greetings, Commander! " began North.
8 "Greetings to you, also, Commander! " Morn answered. "Is all well with you?"
9 "Except for having a banged up ship," answered North, "and a laid up crew, I'm fine! Heard you had some fun, too!"

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