Chapter Twenty-Eight

While Morn and his new children were getting acquainted, Morn got a call from North. "Greetings, friend! What gives me the pleasure of your calling?"
2 "Just a quick call," answered North, "to thank you for these robots you sent me, and for your Engineers upgrading them. Sure, I can find a place for them on my merchant ships. My crews are going crazy requesting one of them. I'm going to have to draw lots. You know how I feel about robots, but I guess these are pretty special. I'll see that they're taken care of."
3 "They had no military use," explained Morn, "and we couldn't scrap them, knowing the demand for droids on merchant ships, I thought you might be able to use them. Glad you can!"
4 "I've really got to get going," North announced, "my uncle's out on his tour of my properties and I've got to come out and see these children of yours first hand.  My wife is jealous, says if you find any more, send some to us!"
5 "I hope," answered Morn, "not to have to go through that ever again!"
6 North could see the expression on his friend's face. "Had to make some rough decisions, huh?" he continued.
7 "Yeah," Morn answered. "The roughest!"
8 "We'll send you a tape when we can," North promised. "Take good care of those little ones!"
9 Things settled down to a steady routine, for the next seventy-five years it was only routine patrols and a mild colony row now and then. One time Morn did find out about a station that was using Hashon children for some sick pleasure houses. In a stunning raid he took the houses and captured all those involved, including the station's Governor, who was the ringleader of the whole scheme. Morn executed the Governor immediately, but what he did with the rest of those involved rocked The Empire.

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