Chapter Thirty-One

When North returned to the hotel to join his men a few days later, a message was there informing him to be at Fleet Assignments in two days for a briefing on his new patrol route. His home base would be Haven's outer planet. He would patrol out on a narrow run with Morn having a route parallel to his.
2 They would go out and return on each-other's course, thereby being within a system's leap of each other at all times. Besides this, North and Morn would both teach classes at Academy on battle tactics.
3 North's crew was ecstatic! A home run, a glory run in and out of the heart of The Empire- and through some of the most profitable cargo systems in The Empire!  North too was overjoyed, but when he flipped the last page of the orders he jumped up and let out a cry. The other Officers looked astonished. "What is it?" they asked.
4 "'As there will be a considerable period between the time that your ships are repaired and your new duties will begin, both crews are granted missions of exploration in the unchartered systems of The Western Sector! This will also give you the opportunity to make sure all your ship's systems are functional. ' An EXPLORATION mission," cried North, "we'll probably have time to map two or three systems and that means full shares of anything we find. If we find a life supporting planet we could all be rich beyond our dreams!"
5 "You couldn't BE much richer, sir!" one of the other Officers remarked, "but I sure would like some money!"
6 When North told Sweet Cloud, she, too, was happy, though she was a little upset about North's plan of marrying her to an Officer on one of his cargo ships.
7 "You'll only have to live with him for a little while," North told her. "He's already got another wife,

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