Chapter Thirty-Three

About the time North was telling his wife what had happened Morn was at The Lord's Guard Headquarters in the city, personally interrogating the Garage Attendant, and using his particular mental skills to drain the man's mind of every scrap of information that he had. Soon men were going out to arrest the others involved in the plot. "I want them alive!'' Morn warned the Guardsmen, "and I want them kept alive until I can question them!"
2 No one ever questioned Morn's orders. They were considered to be from The Lord God, himself, and
these men were no exceptions. Unfortunately, several of those they went to capture knew what capture would mean at the hands of The Lord's Guard. Two of them had barricaded themselves in their quarters, and when The Guard tried to break in, sat off small conversion bombs, destroying themselves, and any evidence they had. A third had a death tablet ready, and used it.
3 So The Guard returned to Headquarters with only four prisoners instead of seven. Morn, himself, decided to visit the leader of the Purist Movement. As he was leaving The Guard Headquarters, five men in civilian clothes approached him, and his two Guards. As they neared, Morn snapped an order to his Guards. "Shields on!"
4 The men didn't hesitate to obey. The five men's hands also went to their waist and the familiar whine of shields joining was heard, telling Morn and his companions that the others, too, had body shields and they could not use the deadly beams of their daggers without incinerating themselves.
5 The five attackers drew large steel knives and charged forward. Shields could be made in any shop, but crystals for daggers were hard to obtain. It made no difference, though. Inside the shields their steel blades were just as deadly.

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