Chapter Thirty-Four

The next few years were quiet, but then one day as Morn was at the limit of his patrol, Communications began to pick up some strange activity. "Something big is going on, sir. Command has called three battleships from the surrounding area and ordered them into a system two leaps away!"
2 A little while later Morn was just getting ready to leave station when Communications looked toward him. "Sir," the Officer announced, "incoming orders. "We're to drop all pods, pick up two star drive destroyers and a cutter that are approaching us, and move into position for a leap into a neighboring system."
3 Morn decided to stay on deck. There was definitely something going on. He had two pods with high priority cargo, most of it bound for the Capitol. He would not be ordered to drop it unless it was a real emergency.
4 As soon as the destroyers and cutter were docked he moved into position for the leap.
5 "Sir," announced Communications, "I've monitored other uncoded calls to The Lord's Vengeance and The Vision Of God. They're ordered to rendezvous with us in the same system."
6 "It looks like," put in Navigation, "we're headed wherever the battleships went."
7 Communications returned to his board. "Orders to leap, sir, as soon as possible!"
8 "Are we in position?" asked Morn.
9 "Yes, sir," answered Navigation.
10 "Take us out, Helm!"
11 The Son's Pride disappeared from the system it was in and reappeared on the outskirts of another one. Moments after they arrived, The Lord's Vengeance also came out of leap. North flashed a quick message to Morn. "What's going on?" he asked.

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