Chapter Thirty-Five

Morn nodded. Both starships fired up their engines and came hurdling around the planet. The automatic mast have detected them both at the same time, but as North hoped, it was confused, didn't know which way to attack first.
2 Unfortunately, it chose to turn its main tubes on North. He managed to get close, put in a couple of good hits, before he had to speed away. But he cursed, slamming his fist on the arm of his command chair. He had done no serious damage.
3 Morn, however, was a little luckier. With the automatic's attention mainly on North, he got in and put two good hits on the automatic's stern. Moments after they passed, they saw one of her system engines being ejected. A cheer rose from both crews.
4 Only Morn was silent on his command deck. He fully understood that now North was committed to a virtual death run. Halfway around the planet, their engines hit full reverse, their planetary drive fought to withstand the terrible gravity working against it. Both ships reversed, however without difficulty, and headed back towards their target.
5 Gray Mountain and his forces moved in, too. They'd throw everything they had at the mechanical. They'd buy North every second they could. As the two ships returned, the mechanical took the bait. It turned its forward tubes on Morn, thinking him the greatest threat, but it's stern tubes spat out a deadly rain of fire, and the cutter was vaporized some distance from it.
6 Morn pushed in, hoping to make the monster turn toward him, and was met with immediate success. It was only half-way through its turn when North's ship emerged from the fireball, already its beams were pouring out

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