Chapter Forty-Three

Both North and Morn knew what would occur. Soon an Emissary would go to The Peepians with a demand from The Lord God that they accept His Divine Rule.
2 If The Peepians refused, The Lord God would declare them rebels, then a fleet would be sent to conquer them. Most would be annihilated. The few that survived would be executed or kept as breeding stock as a new order of slaves.
3 "The scouting report," commented Morn, "says they have an extensive fleet of system class ships, but no star drive. They'll be able to put up a fight, but they'll end up like my mother's people.
4 With their numbers, they might even be able to stop The Empire, or at least hold it at bay for a while, if they had some star drive engines. It would be a surprise to an attacking fleet if they GOT some engines, wouldn't it, North?"
5 "It sure would! " North smiled, a smile that told his old friend North was already scheming how the Peepians would get the engines.
6 Within days forty of North's freighters were sitting on the edge of the Peepian system, negotiating with their leaders. North's people were willing to give up two-hundred precious star drive engines and spare parts. Plus, provide the Peepians the technical assistance to incorporate these engines into their ships.
7 But it could not be without cost. The Peepians had to pay for the engines in some way. The freighter’s cover story was they were a trading expedition out to get Peepian artifacts before hostilities began. If the Peepians would provide such artifacts, it would not only make their mission look authentic, but it would provide The Rebel Forces with badly needed funds with which they could replace the star drive engines and obtain more, and also provide the Peepians further assistance later.

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