Chapter Forty-Four

With everything going on, North had put off his scheduled physical twice, but the third time Doc Astra would not hear of it! "If you have to cancel every meeting you have today, get down to that hospital, or, so help me, I'll bring a security team up there and drag you down!"
2 North knew fully well his old friend wasn't bluffing so he rescheduled all of his morning appointments, went down to the hospital, gave all the necessary samples, and was scanned untold times.
3 The Medic doing the scanning got a surprised look on his face, asked North to wait, and in a moment returned with a full Doctor. "Nothing to be concerned about, General," the Doctor assured, "but we have to redo those head scans again. Only take a few minutes!"
4 North laid back down and the scanner slowly passed over his head again. He could hear the Medic and Doctor muttering in the control room, but couldn't make out their words. The Doctor came out and said "Thank you, General, that will be all!"
5 "Anything wrong?" asked North.
6 "Nothing to be concerned about," the Doctor assured, "just something The Chief Physician will want to look at."
7  North had a feeling the man was lying, but didn't want to press it. Doc Astra would tell him in due time. North returned to his office and found everything in confusion.  "What's going on?" he asked.
8  "We just received an urgent communique from Fleet Headquarters," explained North's #2, Gray Mountain, "a new Fleet is being formed to attack The Peepians. You are being withdrawn from your command here, and given overall command of the invasion force! One-hundred-and fifty ships this time, and you'll have the pride of the Fleet for Officers and men."
9  North snatched the order and read it over, then

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