Chapter Forty-Five

For six long hours the Doctors worked. Finally, Sure Hands stepped back. "You can handle the close up, gentlemen, that's all I can do. I have to go change my gown, and see if my next patient is ready. Remember, this is a man of importance. Don't leave any scars!"
2 The Haven Doctor who had been sent to assist finished the operation with Doc Astra's help. It was another two hours before the weary Physician walked into the waiting room where North's family and friends were gathered. "It's over," he announced. "It was a little bit worse than we had originally thought, but I think we got it all. And the reconstruction was the finest I've ever seen.
3 We'll make an antibody now, out of the tumor, and give North injections every week for the next six months. That will make positively sure that any stray cells we missed will be destroyed.
4 He should be awake in three or four hours. Then we'll be testing his memory. We won't allow any visitors until tomorrow morning. Why don't you all go home and get some sleep?"
5 "Good idea!" agreed Morn. "Come on, everyone. Our Prayers have been answered. Let's get on home!"
6 When North awoke, he was his usual self, and to everyone's joy, his memory was completely intact...his personal memories, anyway! Some of his technical information was missing. All knowledge of celestial navigation was completely gone, and, some of his other technical knowledge had gaps in it. But before he was declared eligible for duty all these holes were filled.
7 There was another slight problem. His right hand did not want to work effectively. He had a tendency to drop things, but physical therapy soon eliminated most of this problem. Fortunately, unlike most Havens, North was left handed, not right handed, and this condition was more of a nuisance than anything else.

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