what I will do," announced Morn, "but be assured, you will need not make any sacrifice." He turned and left, knowing now beyond all doubt, that his course was set, and that there was no turning back. He was about to leap toward his Destiny.
8 Returning home, he wearily prepared for bed. His wife, heavy with their first true child, watched him. "You can't execute them, can you?" she asked.
9 "No," Morn answered. "I do not know for sure WHAT I'm going to do. They are willing to die, but I think others would be just as willing to die so they might live. But I worry for you and our child."
10 "That which is within me," assured his wife, "will bear your glory. I only ask that it be a glory he may be proud of, without question."
11 Morn kissed her and got into bed. There were ten days left. Tomorrow he had to talk with North.
12 Calling his old friend to his office, Morn shut the door and turned on the privacy field. "North," he inquired, "how many systems will rebel when you give the word? How many Havens will join you against The Empire?"
13 "You KNOW?" stammered North.
14 "I have known from the beginning," answered Morn. "What was it you said then? 'Oh, Holy Spirit, hear me. By Your Name I swear vengeance for this innocent blood. Though I am but a child, someday I will be a man, and when I am, I will bring down this family from their high position. I shall destroy them with the power of my vengeance.' Now you are a man," Morn continued, "how much power does your vengeance have?"
15 "First of all," North requested, "tell me how you know?"
16 "I was in The Temple," Morn explained. "It was I who rang the visiting bell, permitting you and Gray Mountain to escape. I have often wondered where I fit in
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