Chapter Forty-Seven

Every day Morn had broadcast a message to The Empire. "We are willing," he announced, "to make peace. We have no desires for Imperial territory. We do not wish to force our will on you. We merely wish to live our own way, in peace.
2 It has already been agreed among the states of The Republic, that any systems that desire to return to Imperial Rule may do so at the end of hostilities. There are many undeveloped worlds within our own territories, and many undiscovered ones. It is senseless for us to do battle for control of each-other's territory.
3 Let us have peace. Let us each believe the way he wants to believe, but live in harmony with one-another. We do not desire to force our Way upon you, why must you desire to force your Way upon us? Let us exchange with one-another. Let there be peace."
4 But there came no return signal from The Empire. They refused to even communicate. There was even no discussion of exchange of prisoners. Though to Morn's surprise, both North's Agents and his own reported that any prisoners being taken by The Empire were being surprisingly well-treated.
5 As of yet there had been no trials or executions, not even any interrogations. "They're saving them," suggested Morn, "perhaps on the chance they will have to negotiate later."
6 North agreed. "It's now their turn," he commented. "I wouldn't be surprised if at this very moment they're having a Council of War, all the Generals gathered at The Lord God's Palace, each with his own plan of attack, arguing over how best to proceed with his own plan of attack, arguing over how best to proceed against us, and not one voice of reason among them."
7 "Perhaps you are wrong," objected Morn, "there may be one voice; one voice that understands me and you better than any of them……one voice that might even

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