Chapter Fifty

Morn was in the afternoon Healing Session. The first three letters requesting Healing had had favorable results. The young woman had died , but before doing so, The Lords had come to her in a Dream, comforting her, telling her that she had done no wrong, that it was only her time to be with Them.
2 The young man's leg had taken, and he quickly recovered.
3 The other young n woke up one morning with his wits restored as if nothing had happened.
4 Word had quickly spread, and a few days later a whole bundle of requests had appeared at Morn's office. Bright Star had brought them in. Mon took them and sat them on his desk. "More?" he sighed. "Very well. I'll read them later, and pray for them."
5 Morn felt a wave of disappointment come from his adopted son. "Even better," he comforted, "after our lunch break we will go to the conference room. You can read them to me, as you did before, and then I can pray for them."
6 Bright Star's joy filled the room. "Yes, Lord!" he smiled.
7 "What?" objected Morn.
8 "Yes FATHER!" Bright Star answered.
9 Morn returned the smile. Soon others in the Staff joined the Prayer Circle, and it became a Tradition. They were in the midst of the session when a Communications Officer walked in and handed Bright Star a message. "Excuse us, gentlemen; ladies," Bright Star requested. Without question the others left.
10 "What is it," Morn asked, "that it could not be said in front of the others?"
11 "The Lord God," explained Bright Star, "your father, is dead. I thought you would like to receive the news in private."

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