Chapter Fifty-Five

For the next two days North issued frantic orders, and he never let the droid out of his sight as he drained it of every bit of information it possessed. If a freighter on full shields could plunge through the nova wall and out again, his warships could, in leap. It had never been done, but North was sure it would work. But there was only one way to find out for sure.
2 The Morning Star left orbit and travelled to the closest system The Republic occupied. There North sat in position looking at the incredibly bright star on the screen. "Well, now we'll find out how well your system works, I.S.!" North commented to the droid securely anchored to the floor beside him. "If we don't punch through that nova wall fast enough, you'll be one of the first to know!"
3 North could swear the droid looked worried, but he knew that was impossible. "Alright, Helm!" ordered North, "Fire her up! At appropriate speed and trajectory, inject crystal!"
4 "Yes, sir!" the Navigator snapped. Moments later The Morning Star blinked out of existence, and reappeared light years away. North felt a little bit more shaky than usual, but quickly looked at the screen. It was like they were inside a great, glowing ball that was expanding at the speed of light.
5 Ahead of them they could see nothing but empty darkness. Their instruments, however, detected a white dwarf and the black hole it orbited.
6 "We have a fix, sir," announced Helm.
7 "Good!" snapped North, "take us in-system. I'm going to make several random course changes. Then, I want you to calculate our leap point from those bearings alone."
8 Three hours later the Navigations Officer and Helm announced they were ready. "Fire 'em up!" ordered North,

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