Chapter Fifty-Six

The first wave leaped into the nova and an hour later North's task force followed. Five hours later the first wave appeared in hostile territory. They spread out, leaving a clear passage for North's task force.
2 Two-and-a-half hours later North's group appeared deep in The Haven system, and all chaos broke loose in The Godden Capitol! Exactly a half hour after North's ships appeared, The Fleet Command Post, that ancient starship that had long been the offices of the Commander of all Haven Space Forces, was rocked by terrible explosions. The supports that held it to the great building that was its pedestal were blown away, and it toppled with a great CRASH! into the surrounding buildings.
3 Secondary explosions destroyed its fire fighting apparatus and set it aflame. In moments it and the buildings around it, became a blazing inferno.
4 The Godden Commanders, relying heavily on telemetry and orders from Headquarters were hesitant as to what to do. This brought North precious hours while a new Command Post was hastily set up. Even then the orders it was transmitting were confusing, especially since North's Agents, using their own transmitters, were sending contradictory orders!
5 All this confusion allowed North to get within a day of his objective without meeting any resistance at all. But of course nothing would have made the one-hundred ships guarding The Imperial Capitol leave their posts.
6 Taking up a double wall formation, they made a straight assault on North's forces. It was not the right formation to use. North kept his own formation in a five star line, and simply blew his way through them.
7 The Goddens lost a third of their forces in this first attack, while North lost one ship, and only suffered

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