Chapter Fifty-Seven

The moment North regained his sense he knew something was very, very wrong. The feel of the ship was just not right. Years of practice told him the star drive engines weren't functioning, and from the feel, only one of the two of the system engines were operating.
2 His own severe pain and the moans and groans around him gave him some idea of the condition of his crew. Beside him he could hear the control arm of his navigational equipment clicking very softly as it was delicately moved. He reached out and his hand closed over the metal one operating the controls. "What are you doing, I.S.?" he asked.
3 "We are spinning about three revolutions per minute," the droid answered, "and we're tumbling bow over stern. I have corrected that, though. In a moment I will neutralize the spin.
4 North took his hand away. The droid was well programmed to handle such a problem. "All stations," he ordered, "report!"
5 "Helm, sir. My panel is dead. It will take major repairs. I think my leg is broken. It came out of the restraints and hit the edge of the console."
6 "Navigation. I'm dead, too, sir. Nothing's functional. Permission to assist Helm."
7 "Permission granted," agreed North.
8 "Firing Control. I don't know how, but some of my instruments are working. Give me a few minutes and I think I can get some idea where we are."
9 North waited a moment then inquired, "Communications, why haven't you reported?"
10 "Communications is nonfunctional," I.S. announced, "both console, and, operator. I believe the damage to the operator is permanent."
11 "Have you got that spin off us yet?" North asked.

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