Chapter Sixty

A few moments later as Hashon Control appeared on the screen North could hear screams of joy in the background as the Control Officer gave them clearance to come in.
2 "Welcome home, Morning Star!" he cried, "Welcome home! We had about given up all hope! You're a beautiful sight to see! What's your status?"
3 "We're pretty banged up," North explained, "we're going to need all new engines, and a lot of internal work, but nothing, absolutely nothing is to be done for six months. My crew and I are all going on emergency leave. The ship is not to be touched until we come back! Do I make myself clear?"
4 "Understood! " the bewildered Officer answered. "We have a standing order, here. The moment you reach orbit you are to beam down to the base hospital without delay."
5 "Understood!" North snapped.
6 Minutes after they entered orbit North was in the hospital being prepared for surgery. Within an hour the Doctors were working. Several hours later, North was safely tucked in bed. It was early the next morning before he woke, and when he did, he felt a familiar presence near him. "Hello, Morn!" he sighed.
7 "Greetings, old friend!" Morn answered. "You look none the worse for your incredible adventure! If the reports your Officers have given me are true, it's one for the books! I am afraid I have contradicted your orders a LITTLE bit. I cannot permit those you have brought back to lay without honor, in your ship, for six months. I am arranging that the bodies be brought down by shuttle and taken to the Haven cemetery in the desert, and as soon as you are well enough, they will be buried with honors in the manner of your people. Until then, a Guard Of Honor will stand over them.

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