Chapter Sixty Two

At first it was thought the Ceremony would be held in the City Temple, but so many requests started pouring in to attend that they thought it best to use the city's huge sports' auditorium. Two days before he went back on duty, North took The Bread And The Wine under extremely tight security. For this act of acceptance of The Hashon Faith angered The Empire more than anything else.
2 For one who had once been heir to The Haven Throne to so turn aganst his peoples' faith was more than The Empire could bear. Thousands swore an oath of vengeance against North, and Haven Agents tried to slip into The Republic to kill him.
3 Three attempts on his life were narrowly avoided in the week approaching the Ceremony. The Empire launched a series of severe attacks, hoping to
draw North away from the Ceremony. But North did not leave Hades, much to their bewilderment.
4 Morn declared an official holiday the day after the Ceremony, and everyone in The Republic celebrated. But some were also taken back by Morn's announcement that North was leaving for Peepi. Some military Officers protested, but it was to no avail. North was going ....that was it!
5 Morn would NOT be swayed by any amount of pressure. The Peepian Alliance was just too important. North had to go, and if their plans bore fruit, it could be even more important.
6 The Morning Star was already in dock, the first time North again sat foot on her. He was surprised when he entered the command deck and found the Technicians working on a new command chair. A new control had been added to the side. When it was pressed, the chair rose and expanded, and when the button was pressed again, it shrunk down to normal size. "What in blazes is THAT thing?"

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