Chapter Sixty-Four

Many evenings North would spend with Spearon bringing his family down for dinner. North and the old gentleman had quickly become quite close; much to Spearina's joy, and, Spearos' anger! The quarrels between the brother and the sister became fiercer and fiercer.
2 "You know," mentioned Spearon one evening, as he sat with North, waiting for the Priests to come in for one of their discussions, "Spearos is going to explode like a bomb when he learns Spearina intends to join your Faith and become your bride!"
3 "You know?" North gasped.
4 "Of course I know," the old man laughed, "she is my daughter, and tells me all that is in her heart. I will admit at first I did not care for the idea, but seeing the joy between her and your wives, and the tenderness that is between you two, my objections have faded.
5 I never thought a man could love more than one woman. The love for my wife was so great, the fire between us so strong, but since her passing another has filled the emptiness in my heart, and the joy between us is just as strong. I wish so, to make her my bride. I know my wife would not object. She knows my love for her is just as strong."
6 "Then why don't you?" inquired North, "Why don't you change The Law?"
7 Spearon shook his head. "I am an old man," he answered. "My days are almost done. Change, good or bad, is for the young. You know this is my last rejuvenation. I have lived 937 years, and seen many changes. I rose from the eighth son to the throne because I was the strongest or boldest, the greatest of my brothers. But now I have become old, old and tired. Soon another may take my place."
8 "Spearos?" asked North.

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