Chapter Sixty-Eight

     "First of all, gentlemen,'' North announced, "I want no applause. I want you to carry your enthusiasm back to your ships. For years you have been pounded by The Goddens.  They have taken your territory. Now, gentlemen, you're going to take it back. Lord Morn and I will be there to help you, but it will be your battle.
2 For the last six months you know I have been hoarding supplies. The enemy is used to a large ship rotation every week. He barely takes notice of our comings and goings any more. This on his part, will be a fatal mistake. Yesterday I sent freighters out to the outer Fleet, freighters loaded down with missile racks. Tomorrow we will follow them.
3 Every star drive warship in the system, plus four-hundred armed freighters and two-hundred unarmed ones will go out to the rendezvous. Gentlemen, this will be no raid. The task force will meet up, journey out of the system, break into two elements, and begin attacking the enemy's base in waves, coming from two directions at once. The wave on each side in the initial attack will consist of twenty-five freighters and twenty-five war ships.
4 The freighters will come in range of their missiles, fire, decelerate, and run for the next planet out where they will re-missile and return to the attack force. The warships will continue in, but this time we will not pass over their defense circle, but pass through it. The warships will hold their missiles until the last moment, then follow them close in.
5 Gentlemen, do be careful you don't fire on your own ships coming from the other direction. Rely on your telemetry, but if there's the slightest doubt, don't fire. Better to let an enemy ship pass by, than hit one of our own. If the enemy takes up pursuit, don't turn to engage him. Continue on to form up for the next wave. The

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