own. We grow old and weary. Many who follow us will have to carry on the battle against The Darkness to the conclusion."
9 "By The Sacred Ground Of Hades!" North sighed, "Why do I resist? I know damned well I'm going to do whatever you want! I always do! Let's get it over with!"
10 Morn's funeral was perhaps the saddest occasion of all time, for many worlds mourned his passing. After it was done, North sat in council with his Warlocks and The Peepian Leaders. "We have dealt the enemy a serious wound," North announced, "but we must find some way to break them completely, to force them into a treaty."
11 Rising Star, Morn's oldest son, rose. "Lord," he announced, "we have been working on a plan, a plan of some treachery, but one we feel may bear great fruit."
12 "I am listening," North agreed.
13 "As you know, The Goddens have been trying desperately to obtain the formula for Glukan. One of the chief reasons we have been so successful against them, is the superiority of our Glukan vessels. We propose that we give them the formula, discreetly, of course. We let their Agents steal it."
14 "You propose," cried North, "we give The Empire one of our greatest secrets?"
15 "We won't give them the formula we're NOW using," explained Rising Star, "but the original one. You see, The Hashons tried several formulas before they perfected Glukan....the first one seems to produce the idenitical results to the one we now use, but it has a flaw. Six year after the Glukan is cast, it begins to break down, powderize. Within three or four years anything made of it turns to dust.
16 This is the formula we will give The Goddens. LET them cast their hulls in it, their swords and shields, then we just sit back and wait. Six years later their

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