Chapter One

In the 9,095th Year From The Beginning three ships of The Republic sat on the edge of a barren system. They had come there hoping to find some of the materials they needed. But the system had only three planets close in to the sun, two of which were a little more than barren moons. The other had an atmosphere so corrosive that their ships would melt in it in minutes if their shields should fail.
2 Those on the ships were disappointed. Each of the war vessels were heavily laden, carrying two more passenger pods than they had been designed for.
3 The greatest of these vessels was The Morning Star, the same battleship that had been first commanded by Northern Star many years before. Her Glukan hull now carried several metallic patches where she had suffered battle damage in this long and bitter war. But she was still the same, proud ship. With her were two other battleships made of steel; The Great Mountain, and, The Vengeance Of The Lords.
4 Aboard The Morning Star another Northern Star sat in the command chair, a descendant of the ship's first Commander. Behind him stood The Voice Of The Children, First Speaker and overall Leader of their little group. "Is long range communications picking up anything?" he asked North.
5 North turned to his Communications Officer. "The Great Mountain reports their receivers detect nothing, not even a flicker."
6 "I wish all three ships could repair their long range communications equipment," complained The Voice.
7 "We barely had the parts to get that one receiver working," explained North, "and we've had to sacrifice internal communications to keep our ship to ship systems

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