Chapter Two

So the little Fleet moved out. They visited four more systems heading for the ones that more likely had planets. They were disappointed. None of the planets were suitable for colonization. Most were small and near the suns. For some reason this part of the galaxy did not seem to have many gaseous giants, or heavy-massed planets.
2 They were resting on the edge of one system when the Firing Control Officer spoke to North. "Sir, I'm picking up massive hyper wave activity ....something beyond compare. Can you check with the other ships to see if my readings are faulty? They have to be, because if they're correct, there are objects as big as planets moving at factor ten to eleven in one of the systems up ahead."
3 North took the data at his command chair and confirmed it. "Ask The Great Mountain to confirm," he told Communications.
4 A few minutes later the Communications Officer responded. "Great Mountain reports the same readings," he announced. "They were about to ask us for a comparison check."
5 North tapped the arm of his chair. "Can we leap to that system from here?" he asked.
6 "Yes, sir," Helm announced, "we'd have to go single file and squeeze by other systems, but we have got a more or less clear line."
7 "Signal the other ships and get us out there. I've seen readings like this before. I want to get there before they're gone."
8 "Before WHO are gone?" asked The Voice.
9 ''There's only one thing in the galaxy," explained North, "that can travel that fast and are that big ....ghost ships! I read accounts of them in my Ancestor's personal diary. He even had personal communication with them. They are non violent, and do not believe in interfering with

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