Chapter Six

One day The Voice decided that it was about time he had a close look at these people. So, ordering a surface craft, he flew out to this settlement, landed at its field, and made his way to its administrative center.
2 He was greeted by a beautiful woman, whom he found very attractive. "I am Eve," she announced, "first woman, first made by our Lord God. My mate, Adam, first man, is out tending to his duties. May I ask what brings the ruler of The Children Of Liars to our city?"
3 "I merely come to visit," announced The Voice, "to admire the wonderful work you have done for your masters, and, to inquire as to your well being, for I would know that your masters treat you well."
4 "In those circumstances, then," answered the woman, "I would be proud to show you what we have done."
5 She took him on a tour of the city, showing him all those things that they had built. On many things The Voice was pleased, but with the number of weapons that these servants of The Lord God had, and the power of those weapons, he was NOT pleased.
6 Finally, this woman took him to a school and showed him how their children were educated. Most of the education was standard, but when The Voice examined some of the philosophy books and histories, he was displeased with what he read. "There is little Truth in these books," he announced, "and what Truth there is is twisted to The Godden view. Has not The Lord God told you to seek all knowledge?"
7 "We may seek the knowledge that The Lord God has given us," the woman answered, "but that knowledge that YOU hold he has forbidden us to partake of it. For if we did, we would be defiled and then we would surely die forever."
8 "You have intelligence," argued The Voice, "do you not realize that The Lord God forbids you to learn our

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